Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015 

16 - 17 April 2015 

The Hague, The Netherlands

Global Conference on CyberSpace 

16 - 17 April 2015


We are only as strong as we are together: building Public Private Cooperation in Cyber Security

More and more cooperation in cyber security is seen as a potentially powerful tool in increasing resilience. Governments, businesses and academia all over the world are coming together to produce some staggering results. Yet at the same time, getting public private cooperation (PPC) to work is not an easy task. It requires trust, a mutually identified understanding of interest and a reciprocal respect for the different roles and concerns of the parties involved.

Session Building Public Private Cooperation

In order to learn from the positive experiences, the GCCS- in cooperation with The Hague Security Delta, hosts a session on building public private cooperation. Proven good practices will not only show how PPC can be very successful, but that PPC can also distillate factors of success in setting up these collaborations. Next to that a number of documents will also help illustrate this by addressing lessons learned on how to make progress from awareness to action, on how to share information and on security of industrial control systems.

Lastly, the session will be a kick-off for actively building more public-private cooperation schemes from an international context. One of the results of lasts years Meridian conference in Japan was the broad recognition of the usefulness of public private cooperation. This will be handed over to and taken up by the organizer of this years Meridian: Spain. Also the introduction of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise will provide for a great new environment for discovering further steps in building PPC’s.

Sharing Cyber Security Information

Sharing cyber security related information between organisations – in a critical sector, cross-sector, nationally and internationally – is widely perceived as an effective measure and solution for increasing cyber resilience of organisations.  However, there is a world, if not a universe, between the concept of information sharing and the practice of doing it. This Good Practice booklet contains the Dutch experiences, knowledge and lessons learned concerning information sharing, which are highly valuable for public and private policy-makers, middle management, researchers, and cyber security practitioners.

From Awareness to Action: Bridging the gap in 10 steps

During the Grand Conference 2014, “Building a Resilient Digital Society”, high-level stakeholders from the private, public and knowledge domain engaged in interactive debates about necessary steps to enhance cyber resilience across all levels of society. The interactive website captures the most salient points that have been raised during these debates. 

Session: Building Public Private Cooperation in Cyber Security. Thursday April 16, 16.45