Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015 

16 - 17 April 2015 

The Hague, The Netherlands

Global Conference on CyberSpace 

16 - 17 April 2015


Law enforcement day April 15: side event

On 15 April, the Netherlands Police and Public Prosecutors Office will host the Law Enforcement and Prosecutors Day at the Europol building in The Hague. This event focusses integrated approaches to counter cyber crime and international cooperation, bringing together the people who are fighting cyber crime every day. Participants are primarily from law enforcement and judicial organizations from around the world.
Due to the borderless nature of cyber crime, international cooperation is essential to deny criminals a safe haven on the internet. To improve cooperation, operational best practices and possible new forms of cooperation will be discussed. As the event is taking place prior to the Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015, its conclusions can provide a contribution to the discussions on international cooperation in the fight against cyber crime. (invitation only, no press)