Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015 

16 - 17 April 2015 

The Hague, The Netherlands

Global Conference on CyberSpace 

16 - 17 April 2015


International Chamber of Commerce: Cyber Security requires more action from business

ICC The world business organization launched, on Dutch initiative, its Cyber Security Guide for Business at the GCCS2015 in The Hague.

Modern information and communications technologies are enabling businesses of all sizes to innovate, reach new markets and drive efficiencies that benefit customers and society. Yet, increasingly, business practices and policies are challenged by having to adapt to the direct and indirect impacts of pervasive communication environments and network information flows that are required in the delivery of goods and services. Many enterprises adopt modern information and communications technologies without fully realizing that new types of risks must be managed as a result. This guide addresses this gap and outlines how enterprises of all sizes can identify and manage cyber security risks.


Practical guidance for formulating a cybersecurity strategy

One of the Cyber Security Guide’s unique features is that it was written for managers without an IT-background. It provides companies of all sizes guidance to limit potential cyber risks. Five principles of Cyber Security shape the core of the Cyber Security Guide, together with six essential Security Actions. Taking into account these principles and actions, all companies can use the Cyber Security Guide’s self-assessment tool to evaluate their organizations’ cyber risks.


Available free of charge via

The Cyber Security Guide is available as a download. Part of the Dutch edition is an overview of relevant local organisations. ICC offers the Cyber Security Guide free of charge, so that every company can make use of it.